It is a capital mistake to theorise before one has data

Arthur Conan Doyle (as Sherlock Holmes)

The Ins and Outs of Rugging

Wandering around at a competition and admiring all the horses on display, it’s always fascinated me how different horse owners can be when it comes to rugging. Some have their horses clipped and wearing…

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Horses and Humans: Better Together?

It is commonly assumed by riders that horses have therapeutic benefits for their wellbeing. This article discusses the evidence surrounding the mental and physical benefits of the horse/human relationship.  The Horse’s Effects on Mental…

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Rein Tension: How Much is Too Much?

Reins are an important feature of the bridle as they allow for communication between the horse and rider [1] and the tension the rider creates through pressure on the reins is an important factor…

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The Importance of the Back

Horses carry us on their back and as such, the muscles supporting the rider are important to consider for riders and massage therapists. In this article, I discuss some basic biomechanics so that riders…

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Nosebands: Yes or Noes?

The use of a noseband, particularly the use of the so-called crank nosebands has long been debated on the effect it has on the horse’s welfare. The noseband is not a necessary piece to…

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What are the Benefits of Equine Massage?

In this article I discuss some of the recent research that examines the perceived benefits of massage so you can make an informed decision about your horse’s welfare. While first implemented as a training…

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